School trip to Christmassy Kassel

On December 13, 2023, the E1tut2 class from Oberstufengymnasium Eschwege embarked on an exciting school trip to Kassel, accompanied by the class teacher and English teacher, Mrs. Fiedler, and the history teacher, Mrs. Hochapfel. The preparations for this special day, however, did not go entirely smoothly. In the days leading up to the trip, the class had difficulties agreeing on the destination, sparking a discussion on whether they should prefer Kassel or Göttingen. After intense discussions and voting, the majority of the class ultimately chose Kassel. On the day of the trip, the students walked from school to the train station after the fourth period to catch the train to Kassel. Upon reaching their destination, the class headed straight to the cinema to watch the film „The Hunger Games – The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.“ The film was part of a collective effort, as the class had previously read part 1 of the book series in their English lessons. The students enjoyed the movie experience not only as an entertaining diversion but also as an additional pleasure following their literary exploration in class. The visit to the Christmas market in Kassel became a shared highlight. The festively decorated stalls, Christmas music, and the pre-Christmas atmosphere contributed to the class having a great time together. After enjoying a shared round of children’s punch, the class split into smaller groups. Some students continued to stroll through the Christmas market, enjoying the festive atmosphere and trying various treats. Others went shopping in the surrounding stores to purchase gifts or small mementos from the day. Still, others opted to dine in a cozy restaurant together, adding a culinary experience to the trip. With many positive impressions, a generous dose of Christmas spirit, and diverse experiences, the class returned to Eschwege in the evening. The school trip ultimately proved to be a successful day full of shared experiences and joyful moments. 

Luis Landgrebe

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